Key Concepts

  • Montessori practice is based on observation of the child.
  • A child’s motivation is not stifled.
  • Montessori encourages spontaneous activity.
  • Montessori teaching is based on following the child’s inner need to learn.
  • Montessori principles are based on respect for the child’s personality.
  • The directress/director gives individual guidance.
  • The child works at his/her own pace; each step is a part of the learning.
  • No enforced competition.  A child works for the satisfaction of completing an activity.  This provides a better environment for mutual help and co-operation.
  • A child finds his/her own level and therefore develops a good self-concept with no feeling of inferiority or superiority.
  • The Montessori method achieves the development of the entire personality and not just the intellect.
  • Independence and initiative are developed, which in turn enhances the rapid growth of the social, emotional and moral side of the child.
  • A Montessori directress/director will ensure a prepared environment is ready for his/her students each day.  Prepared environment is key to a successful academic day.

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