Our Philosophy & Goals

Scholar Montessori was created to offer a holistic, developmentally sound approach to early education.  Solidly based on Montessori principles and methods, and also taking into consideration the social, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical development of the young child.  Through our daily focus on the three basic principles of the Montessori philosophy - observation, individual liberty and preparation of the environment - we seek to fulfill our primary and abiding commitment to “follow the child”.

Long ago, Maria Montessori observed that mixed age settings provide for peer teaching, role models, and leadership experience and enhance the sense of community within the classroom. In today’s world, it still holds true. As an authentic Montessori school, Scholar Montessori classrooms are equipped with a wide range of materials designed by Dr. Maria Montessori.  In keeping with the classic tradition of Montessori practices, all classrooms are multi-age, three-year groupings.   Through this, a successful Montessori environment depends greatly on children having focused periods of time in which to complete tasks and activities. Our children explore and learn concepts in Arithmetic, Sensorial, Practical Life, Language, Geography and Culture. French and Music lessons are also incorporated in our curriculum.

With the help and guidance of highly dedicated and a skilled group of Montessori trained teachers and administrators, we have created an educational program of the highest quality possible. Scholar Montessori offers three educational programs for children: Toddler (16 months - 2 ½ years), Casa (3 years - 6 years) & Elementary (Grades 1 - 6).

Other important functions of our schools is to give families a sense of community and support. We acknowledge that you as parents are the child’s first and most important teachers. Our intention is to involve and educate parents about your child’s development, to help you connect with each other and to give you an opportunity to contribute to your child’s education.

Learning is a life long pursuit. Here at Scholar Montessori Academy your child will be able to continue down the path you started, to welcome the questions, to encourage the independence, and foremost enjoy learning.

Our program aims to:

  • Provide a happy, relaxed and stimulating environment where children develop a willingness to share and ability to respect the rights of others.
  • Provide a well-supervised creative program that will encourage each child to develop his/her individuality.
  • Developing self-confidence, self-respect, self-discipline and a feeling of security.
  • Install an understanding and acceptance of routines and limits.

Quality Childhood Education Since 1999